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Injectable Suspension Rebuilding System

Among the first to go in a brand new vehicle, either due to wear and tear and/or accidents, is the suspension system.

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Among the first to go in a brand new vehicle, either due to wear and tear and/or accidents, is the suspension system.
The suspension system is mainly composed of joints, such as: ball joints, rack ends, tie rod ends, stab inks, as well as suspension arms, bushings and shock absorbers. This system provides the “motion control” of the vehicle. In performing their respective specific role in the handling of the “motion control” of a comparatively heavy vehicle, these parts are subjected to considerable stress when the vehicle is being driven. The stress, magnified by the generally bad conditions of Philippine roads, leads to the inevitable and eventual breakdown of these spare parts.
The breakdown of the suspension spare parts results to
(a) difficulty in handling of the vehicle; and
(b) uncomfortable ride and annoying rattles, knocking and squeaking noises.

Using our patented Injectable Suspension Rebuilding System, CRUVEN offers an inexpensive and proven way of rebuilding your car’s suspension spare parts, restoring it to its former glory!

Shock Absorber Restoration

The simple fundamentals of the “CRUVEN” shock absorber repair system

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The simple fundamentals of the “CRUVEN” shock absorber repair system is as follows:
(a) Attach access air valve to the cylinder of the shock absorber;
(b) replace the shock absorber’s fluid with a new one; and
(c) add Nitrogen gas through the attached valve.

Nitrogen gas is inert by nature and produces a very stable compression pressure. Nitrogen gas serves as the damper controller of the shock absorber’s fluid during pumping, thus creating more traction and control for the vehicle. Fluid type shock absorbers may also be converted into gas types.

shock absorbers are converted and the repair comes with an added feature which is an option for adjustable pressure using the attached access valve, wherein you can change the stiffness of your shock absorbers and customize it to your preferred ride.

Like the suspension spare parts repair system, in order to achieve a successful and reliable execution of the apparently simple methodology of shock absorber repair system as above described, skilled mechanic with special training and experience, and the application of a special technology are required.

Fabricated Bushings

CRUVEN is locally known for our fabricated bushings which being used by our sponsored race cars and car enthusiast.

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CRUVEN is locally known for our fabricated bushings which being used by our sponsored race cars and car enthusiast. Rubber bushing makes a perfect connection between the different parts of your suspension system. Over the time, however, the rubber bushing in your car begins to wear from oil and other contaminants under your car, and the suspension components start to bind. Using our fabricated bushings, we don’t only give you good results in your suspension alignment but gives you a drastically better handling.

How about investing in polyurethane bushings? CRUVEN polyurethane bushings are locally made for all types of car makes and model. We have been continuously receiving good feedbacks from our valued customers who tried our products. One customer said, “Bushings that last for more than 6 years and still counting, awesome product!”
Take advantage of our fabricated bushings for it fits in your vehicle that runs on race track or streets.

Why us?

  • Ferdie Jaraza R3M Food Supplier ( Ferdie Jaraza R3M Food Supplier )
    I used to take my car to a different Auto shop specialist. Some shop didn't know how to explain what is really wrong with my car, some shop says that they have to change some part of it and once they change it they will charge me like 50 thousands or more. I’ve asked some of my friends if they know which is the best auto specialist shop for me to take my car and to repair. Some of them suggested (I’m not going to mention the shop’s name) which I don’t want it because they are too expensive for a car shop repair. Some suggested not so well known auto specialist shop. Then one of my friend suggested their shop which is CRUVEN auto-specialist and he explained what is CRUVEN really are and what they are expertise. I’ve heard a lot of things about CRUVEN, how they manage repairing car problems. Some I heard says that they are really into auto suspension specialist, they repair a damaged suspension parts that can be irritating and worse and cause serious accidents “which is true, it’s irritated me sometimes or let me say most of the time”. CRUVEN was always far enough away from my place or should I say from our company, it involves a significant amount of travel so I stayed with auto specialist that I’ve known. However, I get tired on the same situation that I’ve been experiencing with my car, and then I decided to visit CRUVEN and for them to check on my car and what’s really going on. In the past week or so for their regular maintenance and the service was nothing short of awesome! Great work, completed on time, and not at a higher price. Now my SUV and our company cars are really working fine. Thanks, Finding a reputable auto repair shop is challenging and I felt like I'd hit gold when I met them and discovered the integrity and remarkable service they offer at their shop. I always know I'm getting the best service out there, the price is always fair, they're on time with quotes, and they go the extra mile providing service beyond what's expected. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a reputable and honest auto repair shop! Who doesn't need that????"
  • Ernie Freeman Imperial
    Back then when I didnt know Cruven, I buy surplus shocks due to tight budget, which last only for a short time and I gave up buying shock absorber, upon browsing over the internet searching for shock absorber restoration, I found Cruven, and then I search for feedback regarding their product/services, car forum post give them thumbs ups! I added Cruven's facebook and ask how much for shock repair, I cant believe it was a affordable than I thought buying a surplus shocks, they gave me list of cruven branches near my place, so I go to Cruven Fairview, they check everything from suspension to stab links etc. After a few hours, all four are fixed,one good thing is they have warranty,a half year warranty, i've using it for a long time now, im satisfied with the work,special thanks to sir larry and manong! they give me a lot of tips for my car, it's true, Cruven is Proven


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